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Pupil Premium


Historically the children entitled to pupil premium have been very academically successful at St Joseph's. Up to 2013 every child met the expected Level 4 standards in all areas. Further analysis however showed no children entitled to pupil premium met the more rigorous Level 5 however. This position was rectified in 2014 and 2015 with Level 5's and Level 6's being attained.


In 2016 the new assessment system was implemented at KS2 and this created a "blip" year where the seven children entitled to PP in Year Six scored 95 raw points or more except those with profound special needs. These children had gained from additional booster classes both inside and beyond the school day and the support of Mrs Whybrew, funded from the pupil premium allocation.


In early years the need to focus on speaking and listening both within the PP cohort and beyond means we have switched some of the allocation to support an additional nursery nurse to promote achievement of EAL children.


The table below shows progress in year for 2016 17 of children entitled to pupil premium and predictions for end of year outcomes. In the few cases where this is problematic individual support plans are in place. Also on that document the progress of children known to social care is identified and the needs of these children are reflected in the decision to fund a school counsellor from pupil premim as a means to raise attainment.


Allocation for 2018 / 19


The allocation for St. Joseph’s for the pupil premium was £54,120


  • Cost of maintaining the school counsellor for one day per week:  £18,000


  • Cost of additional Nursery Nurse for EAL provision in EYFS:  £23,500


  • Support to children on FSM to access full curriculum and trips and for contingency:  £1,400


  • Teacher to support higher attainment of pupil premium children at KS1 (S.S.) 0.2 £12,000


Total allocation.excluding additional management time for programmes: £54,900.



Pupil Premium Strategy 2018/19

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