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Welcome to the website of St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School.

Information for Ofsted and Diocese

Please find below our most recent Ofsted report and a link to our latest Diocesan report.  Please also take a look at relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables. 


Other required information.


Colleagues, to avoid the risk of different versions of policies being on the website the list below signposts you to where to find key information.


Dates and calendar (helpful in assessing the breadth of the curriculum) are on our Home tab.

Admission policy and admission arranagements are on our Policies tab.

Inclusion Policy is on our policies tab.

Behaviour Policy is on our policies tab and our Deputy has access to our behaviour incident log.

School ethos is evident throughout the website but the school prospectus and mission statement on our Home tab will be useful. Summaries of school stakeholder surveys are held by teachers and copies of the newsletters on the Parents tab give a very full flavour of school life.


Curriculum information is on the curriculum tab, these include curriculum maps for each year group which show the breadth and depth of the curriculum.


School performance data is available from but for your convenience recent three year data summaries are included..


Pupil premium data is on a separate article on this page as is sports premium funding.


Safeguardng and anti-bullying policies are in the policies tab and case studies are available from the Headteacher.


Best value and finance summaries are available from the Headteacher..

Three year data summary including 2018 outcomes.

Swimming Outcomes 2018.


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