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Finding a Lesson Recording

All live lessons will be recorded, so that they can be accessed at a later time. This enables children who have to share resources and devices to still have access to the same teaching.


To find live lesson recording:

(Instructions with pictures below)


  1. Open your Microsoft Teams account,
  2. Go to ‘Teams’ tab on the left side,
  3. Then click on the team the lesson was in e.g Year 1 2020-2021,
  4. Then click on the Lesson channel you are trying to find the lesson of, e.g. Maths, General. This is below the Team icon on the left side.
  5. On the right side scroll through the conversation tab until you find the scheduled meeting notification.
  6. Below this it will say how many people replied to the conversation in the meeting e.g. 10 replies from you, Julian and  Kate.. You will be able to click on this writing and it will open all the messages sent.
  7. Within this conversation will be the recording, it will say meeting ended: 00m 00s, and a rectangle box below which is the meeting recording video. You can click Download to access this recording. This will then download to your device.


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