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Year 2

Year 2 Home Learning letter

Year 2 Home Learning

Welcome to Year 2!


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Year 2

Week Beginning 8.1.18



The children looked amazing as they walked to church for the Epiphany mass, wearing crowns they had designed and made at school.

This week we started our new RE topic: Books


In this topic the children will explore the uses and importance of books, understand that the Bible is God's special book and that it is divided into two parts. The children will read scripture from the Gospel writers and explore ways in which the Gospel helps Christians to live out their life, by following Jesus' footsteps.

TASK: Please look at a Bible with your child and show them how the Bible has the Old Testament and the New Testament. Encourage them to explore the Gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and discuss how God's words help us to be better Christians.


English: Grammar

The children have been learning about different sentences and using the correct punctuation to write these sentences. They are:

* Questions ?

* Statements

* Commands


It is important that children know how to begin a question and what punctuation they need to use. 

Remember capital letters too!

TASK: Look at the "Football" picture. Talk about it and then try to write different sentences about the picture.



We have continued to work on fractions. Children in Year 2 are expected to understand

1/2      1/4     3/4     1/3

The children have learned that a fraction is a equal part. They have looked at shapes and shaded in the fraction or they have written the fraction in words.

TASK: Shape sheet. Children colour in 1 third.

Remember, if the shape has 6 equal parts, you will need to colour in 2 of them.



Our topic is Oceans and Seas. The children have been finding out about the different Oceans and which is the biggest. They have started to find out about sea creatures and their habitat.



P.E days
P.E days are as follows: 2L and 2DR - Wednesday and Friday
2B - Tuesday and Friday



Column addition (with carrying)

2B's assembly about Lent

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