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The school is now closed for the Summer Holidays and will re-open on Tuesday 5th September 2017. Amazing Year Six production of the Lion King, brought Mr Cassidy to tears and howls of laughter! So very proud of the children and the ambition of the staff.

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

There are photograph boards with photos of all the staff who work in the area of the school your child is in; Early Phase comprising Nursery, Reception and Year One; Middle Phase consisting of Year Two and Three, and Upper Phase of Years Four, Five and Six.


Key individuals are:


Team Leader Early Phase:      Miss Sasenarine

Team Leader Middle Phase:   Mrs Llewellyn

Team Leader Upper Phase:    Mrs Kenny


Inclusion Manager:                  Mrs Szatkowska


Assistant Headteacher:           Mrs Molloy

Deputy Headteacher:              Mr Rakowski

Headteacher:                          Mr Cassidy


Child Protection / Safegauarding lead:     Mr Cassidy (Deputy: Mrs Szatkowska)

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