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The school is now closed for the Summer Holidays and will re-open on Tuesday 5th September 2017. Amazing Year Six production of the Lion King, brought Mr Cassidy to tears and howls of laughter! So very proud of the children and the ambition of the staff.

School Clubs

There are three different types of clubs which operate within the school.


After School Care available from the end of the school day to 6.00pm is provided, at a cost, by Fit for Sport.

Please click on the hyperlink on the home page to contact them about places.


Other clubs are provided by outside providers who use our facilities but are not managed by the school and regrettably the school office staff are therefore not able to help with queries about these. Examples include the Guitar Club, Spanish Club, Drama, Ballet and Gymnastics.  A charge is levied for these clubs.


Thirdly school staff run clubs out of their goodwill and free of charge.  These are advertised in September for parents to select alongside their children. If over subscribed places are awarded on the basis of identifying children who would have a particular benefit from the club (usually one or two places) and thereafter names go into a random draw.




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