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Assembly Powerpoint Presentations.

Often Mr Rakowski and Mr Cassidy prepare powerpoint presentations to help present their assembly messages. Other teachers also use audio visual links for their assemblies. This is the section of the website to look at if you want to review the assembly messages with your children.

Documents - please click to open

ppt.gif: assembly_3_sept_15


File size: 666KB (PowerPoint File)

pptx.gif: 13.7.14 Assembly 15th Sunday

13.7.14 Assembly 15th Sunday

Jesus sends his Disciples to preach
File size: 2MB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

pptx.gif: 6.7.14 Assembly 14th Sunday

6.7.14 Assembly 14th Sunday

Jesus went to preach in his home town
File size: 57KB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

ppt.gif: Trinity Sunday,1st June 2015

Trinity Sunday,1st June 2015

File size: 360KB (PowerPoint File)

ppt.gif: SF_assembly_11 May15

SF_assembly_11 May15

File size: 254KB (PowerPoint File)

ppt.gif: Easter 2015

Easter 2015

File size: 293KB (PowerPoint File)

pptx.gif: 5th Sunday of Lent

5th Sunday of Lent

"Those who give up their lives for me, they will live forever."
File size: 40KB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

pptx.gif: third_sunday_of_lent_2015


File size: 69KB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

pptx.gif: Second Sunday of Lent Assembly - 2.3.15

Second Sunday of Lent Assembly - 2.3.15

The Transfiguration
File size: 194KB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

ppt.gif: First Sunday of Lent Assembly - 24.2.15

First Sunday of Lent Assembly - 24.2.15

Jesus understands, because He was tempted too, but did not give in!
File size: 395KB (PowerPoint File)

ppt.gif: Pre Lent assembly

Pre Lent assembly

File size: 419KB (PowerPoint File)

pptx.gif: 2.2.15


File size: 54KB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

pptx.gif: Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me

File size: 191KB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

pptx.gif: Lamb of God

Lamb of God

File size: 66KB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

pptx.gif: 18 Jan 15

18 Jan 15

File size: 459KB (PowerPoint 2007 File)

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