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The school is now closed for the Summer Holidays and will re-open on Tuesday 5th September 2017. Amazing Year Six production of the Lion King, brought Mr Cassidy to tears and howls of laughter! So very proud of the children and the ambition of the staff.


Admissions can be a complex business. Please take note of the advice below to help guide you through the process.

Have a look at our school prospectus in the Key Information area of this website; are we the school for you? Tours of the school are arranged each autumn term.

To apply for nursery (the school year in which your child turns 4 years old) you will need to complete a School Information Form available on this website before December of the year prior to entry.

To apply for any year group, from Reception to Year Six, you must complete the Ealing Borough Common Application Form (or the CAF from the borough you live in).  For reception applications for the next September there are strict timetables for application.  Please see the Ealing website for more details

Parents should also complete a school supplementary information form (SIF).  Failure to do so will place your application in Category 9, meaning any applicants in categories 1 through to 8 will be offered a place ahead of your application.  Asking a Catholic priest or other minister of religion to complete the Certificate of Catholic Practice may also lead to your application being placed in a higher priority category.  Both the supplementary information form and Certificate of Catholic Practice can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.


Admissions Appeals 2017


Appeals for the school year 2016/17 will be co-ordinated by the London Borough of Ealing.  Should you wish to appeal please inform the Clerk to the Governors via the school office before 27th May 2017.  Appeals after this date cannot be guaranteed to be heard before the autumn term starts.



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